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Here, that's MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive. "Cierer later shared his contacts with Lederer in hopes his escape would be successful" - "Cierer later shared his contacts with Lederer in the hope that his escape would be successful"? The stable is now a library and the right range is Nigel Nicolson's private quarters, not open to the public. "which is responsible for a number of extinctions across the Pacific" Specify if this is extinctions of

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species other than pittas. Squeamish Ossifrage ( talk ) 14:52, (UTC) FunkMonk edit Looks interesting, will review soon.

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Much of Zecharia Sitchin and Sumer cites exclusively Sitchin for his own fringe claims. Jo-Jo Eumerus ( talk, contributions ) 07:00, (UTC) @ Jo-Jo Eumerus : Removed. I'd lose the comma in ".completed his Navy pre-commissioning training, and was.". You mention one source that seems to fail RS but I need to look at this tomorrow. Done - now two words. New York NY seems a bit gratuitous when we have Stanford and Athens without a state. At a subsequent inquiry/trial? Currently, there doesn't seem to be any consistently applied rule. Is the "0 in" that important in a beam.8 m (19 ft 0 in)? With old helmets there's a bit of a balancing act between describing what remains and what once was; the Benty Grange helmet 's horn plates could hardly be described in the present tense, for example.

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File:1937 Fox vault fire footage. Jo-Jo Eumerus ( talk, contributions ) xnxx sport massage stockholm 17:49, (UTC) " in gratis lång porrfilm analleksaker what is present-day French Polynesia" Only stated in intro, which should not have unique info. This particular genus is not a very remarkable member of the outcall girls knulla min våta fitta group, but I chose it because, unlike more famous troodontids, it has many free images, and a pretty simple taxonomic history without much controversy. Good luck with this in any case. Out of curiosity, though, is that other piece (and perhaps others?) related enough to warrant a brief mention in this article in the context of, broadly, "other stuff from the same place"? Ergo Sum 02:08, (UTC). Extremely interesting and well-put together piece, and I think you for bringing it to FAC. KJP1 ( talk ) 12:44, (UTC) And if the preference is for more on plants, that's very pleasing to me! Finally, WP:fringe says (at WP:frind ) that "points. He has much more to say bringing in the 11th, 12th and 18th dynasties up as well, but again, straining my abilities in French. Is the ".0" that important in Her guns were replaced by two 76 mm (3.0 in)? I've looked a bit further. Changed to "Confiscated by Syrian police soon after looters discovered it amidst a complex of tombs in the modern-day city of Homs in 1936" The helmet was found in a tomb near a monument to a former ruler of Emesa, and, considering its richness, reads. The 1989 edition is known as one of the closest fought and more memorable in the history of the event. Do we know the result of the re-trial? Nikkimaria ( talk ) 21:00, (UTC) Hi Nikki, thanks for your review. Obviously I'm going to help with the review process for this article. If a nominator feels that an Oppose has been addressed, they should say so, either after the reviewer's signature, or by interspersing their responses in the list provided by the reviewer. All other cites should be in numerical order so I am fixing this as well. KJP1 ( talk ) 13:52, (UTC) @ KJP1 : Thanks for your comments. The final paragraph before the "restoration" section feels a bit out of place. I do not feel strongly about it, but as far as I can tell, most nonfiction books on Google Books discussing the escape of a particular person use the full name. "Only the request for a radio was granted to them.615" consider cutting "to them" "but his offer turned down.1 " I suppose a "was" is missing here before "turned" "one of the hostages was released was a sign of good faith." no doubt the second.

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I'm not keen on expanding the list as described - although it might work if split out. Because this is a plot element, you should be able to cite it to the television program itself (as is generally done for film plots). Between the endpoints of its tumultuous modern historydug from the earth by looters, only to be placed back underground to protect it from themthe helmet has gained some international attention, but remains an overlooked gem. I don't know why I wrote Sekhemkhet since I meant Djoser since the start. The image appears a few times on the internet, but not with any indication as to the first publication.

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Negress escort stockholm falkenberg This article should at least cite Linnaeus and Vieillot: Linnaeus, Carl (1766). Additionally, Smithsonian should be in the website parameter because it was actually published via Smithsonian (the magazine not the website of thaimassage slussen xxx video the museum itself. SchroCat ( talk ) 16:04, (UTC) Many thanks SC ; coincidentally, many of your recommendations were also suggested below, and have already been done; those that weren't are in this edit. I've really enjoyed reading this article.