Ultrasonic cleaner for the workshop


The company is known in the meat industry, as a reliable partner and specializes in the development, manufacture and maintenance of cutting machines to slaughterhouses. In addition, they make almost everything in blacksmithing and other maintenance in the food industry.

Urskou was referred to us by a current customer who recommended us as a partner, and using the ultrasonic cleaner to wash all components such as gears, chains and other parts. These are contaminated with oil, grease and other soils, and must be cleaned for maintenance.


Former solution:

The company used to have an old-fashioned cleansing bar, which was operated manually. What a man spent several hours in a week, which could be better spent. In addition, they used a variety of products and metal cleaning sprays, brushes, rags, etc. that were required to achieve an excellent result, which still was not always top notch.

Vi får et pænere resultat, alt er rent, hvor vi førhen sprang over hvor gærdet var lavest

Ejvind Skovsgaard, adm. direktør

Improved working environment

Closed automatic process with fewer lifts

Increased capacity

Less hours spend on cleaning and more hours for manufacturing

Less products

They today have one solution and one cleaning chemical for everything

Lower costs

Reduced cost through the whole cleaning process



They got an ultrasonic cleaner from Anmasi to the test, as did the job to the fullest, this machine had no trouble cleaning the complex components in small channels, hooks and fittings, while freeing a lot of hours and reduce the use of cleaning products. Today, therefore, the user an alkaline cleaning liquid from Anmasi.