Oceaneering Rotator

Maxiline fully automatic washing systems for complex parts with high purity requirements


The company operates within a niche in the offshore industry, where they produce measuring equipment consisting mainly of hydraulic components in stainless steel. They are the world market leader in this field and produce components that work down to 2500 meters depth, under extreme conditions, where the quality and finish should be okay, in order to withstand the load.

Therefore, the purity essential to ensure the quality of the finished product, which is granted a 25 year factory warranty, which says something about the high requirements for the cleanliness of the items. The load subject is exposed, means that even the smallest particles of glands etc. can mean a defective item when it is used under the sea.


Former solution

They had an older multi-stage systems without automatic loading- and unloading as well as a lifting capacity of just under, with respect to the types of items which are washed. In addition, the tanks were significantly smaller in the washing plant, which resulted in problems with capacity and production downtime due to outdated technology.

Increased capacity

Handle larger batches of components

Reduced process cycle time

The process cycle for washing has been reduced

Higher cleanliness

Better cleaning results and better finish

User-friendly batch handling

A more automated process and improved working conditions


Maxiline fully automated cleaning system

We have provided a complete solution in the form of a fully automatic plant with Siemens S7-1200 PLC control to handle the task. The washing plant had ultrasonic cleaning, turbulence flushing, agitation and drying of components. In addition, the machine is constructed ​​of full stainless steel, fully insulated, including filtration with stainless steel pump in all tanks down to below 5 microns. The tanks were equipped with automatic chemical dosing, water filling, loading- and unloading with automatic doors and roller conveyor.

This gave the customer a completely automated process.