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SILENT SONIC Noiseless Danished designed ultrasonic cleaning solution

Silent Sonic

Silent Sonic is manufactured in a strong cabinet construction using aluminum profiles and composit materiales. Furthermore the machine is insulated with special high frequency Puresound insulation plates which reduces noise down to 50 - 58 dB(A). 

This ultrasonic cleaner is developed due to the extended focus on worker-environment in many countries and improves the working environment significantly for operators working in small spaces or close to the machine every day.

Noiseless ultrasonic cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaners special construction using composite materials and Puresound insulation reduces noise down to 50 - 58 dB(A).

Inside stainless steel construction

The ultrasonic cleaner is on the inside constructed in 100% stainless steel with welded tanks and frame.

User-friendly analog control

The ultrasonic cleaner has a easy and swift userinterface that makes it easy to install extra options later on.

Standard or customized solution

The ultrasonic cleaner can be tailored to your needs with special dimensions, extra options etc.

CE - European machine directive

The ultrasonic cleaner is produced following the European machine directive.

Adjustable machine feet

The ultrasonic cleaner is placed on adjustable stainless steel machine feet, and can also be aquired with tranportation wheels.


The ultrasonic cleaner has standard LED-lightning above tanks.

Prepared for filtration and ventilation

The ultrasonic cleaner is prepared for filtration and ventilation.