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ULTRASONIC CLEANER Multi-stage semi-automatic inline ultrasonic cleaner  


Multi-stage ultrasonic cleaner manufactured for the specific needs of the customer. This industrial cleaning machine, is constructed in modules, and is available with ultrasonic cleaning, venturi turbulence circulation, rinsing, passivation and drying, depending on the specific process.

The machine is constructed in stainless steel, its double insulated and can be aquired with a wide-range of optional extras. Its manufactured both as a semi-automatic and fully-automated machine.

This ultrasonic cleaner is efficient for a wide-range of different cleaning applications, including cleaning after CNC-machining, 3D-printing etc.


100% stainless steel construction

The ultrasonic cleaner is produced in a complete stainless steel construction with stainless steel tank, frame, cabinet, lid, heating elements and basket.

CE - European machine directive

The ultrasonic cleaner is produced following the European machine directive.

User-friendly analog control

The ultrasonic cleaner has a easy and swift userinterface that makes it easy to install extra options later on.

Adjustable machine feet

The ultrasonic cleaner is placed on adjustable stainless steel machine feet, and can also be aquired with tranportation wheels.

Standard or customized solution

The ultrasonic cleaner can be tailored to your needs with special dimensions, extra options etc.

Double insulated machine

The ultrasonic cleaner is insulated on the tank to reduce heat loss and cabinet to prevent noise.


In-line multi-stage machine with several cleaning steps, designed in modules to customer needs.

Prepared for filtration and extraction

The ultrasonic cleaner is prepared for extraction fan and filtration.