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ULTRASONIC CLEANER User-friendly and effective desktop model for covering smaller needs


Good quality ultrasonic cleaner with a high ultrasonic effect. This benchtop model is constructed in stainless steel and has a digital multifunctional user-friendly display. The machine has adjustable frequency, temperature and watt settings. 

Its a very reliable ultrasonic cleaner which is widely used in workshops, laboratories, dental clinics etc.

Digital multifunctional display

The ultrasonic cleaner has a digital display with frequency, watt, temperature and time settings.

Stainless steel construction

The ultrasonic cleaner is constructed with a stainless steel tank, cabinet and a brass bottom valve

Including basket and lid

The ultrasonic cleaner comes with a basket and lid as a standard.

Bottom valve

The ultrasonic cleaner has a bottom valve in brass for easy emptying of the tank.