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SPRAYWASHER The toploader series of spraywashers for the industry



The spraywasher is constructed in complete stainless steel with rotating basket, which is water powered. It is very robust machine and comes in various sizes with a multitude of options.

We recommend this model for workshops and smaller production companies, where the need is not particularly large. This machine is best to handle simple issues related to maintenance.

100% stainless steel construction

The spraywasher is produced in a complete stainless steel construction with stainless steel tank, cabinet, lid, heating elements and basket.

Prepared for ventilation

The spraywasher is prepared for ventilation.

Level sensor

For safeguarding the pump against a low water level.

Adjustable machine feet

The spraywasher is placed on adjustable stainless steel machine feet, and can also be aquired with tranportation wheels.

CE - European machine directive

The spraywasher is produced following the European machine directive.

User-friendly analog control

The spraywasher has a easy and swift userinterface that makes it easy to install extra options later on.

Rotating basket

The spraywasher has water-powered rotating basket as a standard, and is also available with motorized basket.