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CENTRALIZED FILTRATION PLANTS Customized for the application

Masterclean systems

Anmasi's customized filtration plants produced in stainless steel. these centralized filtration plants is often a large installation, where the system is connected to the whole production where they are continuous filtering the lubrcants and process fluids.

The centralized filtration plants improves efficency, environment and reduces operating cost in the production, your welcome to contact us directly for more information,

100% Stainless steel construction

The filtration systems are produced in stainless steel grade: AISI 304

Effective continuous filtration

The filtration systems ensures continuous filtering of the process fluids during production.

Higher overall efficiency

The reduced manpower needed for maintaining the CNC-machines, and more production hours pr. machine improves efficiency in the whole production.


Anmasi's innovative oilseparator with four-chamber system is build into the filtration system.


Anmasi's hydrostatic bandfilter used for filtration of contaminants, particles and chips from the lubricants is standard.

Automatic waterfilling

The Mini-cleaner filtration system is automatically controlling the waterlevel using a level sensor and magnetic valves.

Constructed 100% based on customer needs

The centralized filtration system are always produced 100% according to the customer needs, which is what separates it from the Mini-cleaner.

Monitoring and control

The centralized filtration systems is delivered with complete monitoring systems including alarms and possibility for SMS-service.

Reduce operation cost significantly

Anmasi's centralized filtration systems can reduce cost of up to 5.300 euro pr. year on each cionnected CNC-machine.

CE - European machine directive

The filtration systems are manufactured in Denmark in accordance with the European machine directive.