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POLYAMID BASKETS Glass-reinforced user-friendly, strong and lightweight baskets

Polyamid baskets

Strong lightweight glass-reinforced polyamid basket developed for cleaning systems. This is a very user-friendly basket, which is good for sensitive parts and the benefit is a very "open" construction which is important for ensuring maximum exposure to the cleaning media.

This basket is used standard in our Combiline-series alternatively to stainless steel baskets, and is highly recommended for some applications depending on the job.


The basket is resistant to almost every chemical on the market, and can be used in all waterbased solutions.

High temperatures

The basket is developed for working with high temperatures up to 110°C

Wide range of options

There is a wide-range of addons and accessories for the basket, which makes it easy to customize for specific applications.

Made for sensitive parts

The polyamid basket has a nice surface which doesnt damage or make scratches on the parts during the cleaning process.

Lightweight basket

The lightweight basket makes it very user-friendly and good for manual handling.