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Cleaning chemicals High quality, fast delivery and good service guarantees the best chemical solutions

Cleaning chemicals

Anmasi A/S supplies a wide range of cleaning chemicals for different applications, all our chemicals are high quality products, which is developed for cleaning systems. We have many years of experience and knowledge within cleaning systems and chemicals, which makes us a reliable partner.

All our standard chemicals are on stock, and can be supplied within a few days all over Europe. Please contact us directly using the phone or email, in case your in need of more information.

Developed for cleaning systems

All our chemicals are specially developed and optimized for cleaning- and degreasing systems.

Chemicals for ultrasonic cleaning equipment

We have many years of experience with ultrasonic cleaning, and have developed chemicals especially for ultrasound which reduces the surface tension and improves the ultrasonic effect.

Fast delivery

We always have more than 35+ cleaning chemicals ready for delivery within a few days.

Experienced consultants

Many years of experience with manufacturing of cleaning systems and working with chemicals makes us realiable partners when it comes to cleaning chemicals.

Waterbased chemicals & solvents

We offer a wide range of waterbased chemicals and solvents for a large number of different applications.