The metav-exhibition in 2016!

Shortcut to the German metal industry (22.02.2016)

Tuesday the METAV started in Düsseldorf and as usual there are a few Danish companies that exhibit at the German trade show. Among these, the Grindsted company-Anmasi which produce washing systems based on ultrasound.

Anmasi are frequent guest at trade shows around the northern Europe and has previously exhibited at EMO trade fair, but sales manager Anders Hedeby Sørensen actually prefer the smaller METAV exhibition.

EMO attracts people from all over the world while METAV more is a regional fair. Here you can grab the potential German customers but also from countries such as Belgium, Switzerland and Holland, he told Metal Supply.

Also two years ago was Anmasi with the METAV trade fair, it was a very positive experience for the Danish company.

- Last time we got a large customer in the automotive industry, which we just are about to complete a large machine for, and we also got some smaller customers, says Anders Hedeby Sørensen.

About half of Anmasis turnover comes today abroad, and for a specialized company like this it is also the alpha and omega to get outside Denmark to grow.
- If you want something in an industry such as ultrasound, Denmark is not a big enough market if you want to grow. In Germany, its much larger, and its also larger cleaning systems, there is much more demand there, says Anders Hedeby Sørensen.

And the goal of the fair is also clear:

- We usually say that if we get one good customer, then the fair is paid. We are helping to increase revenue, but also to improve ourselves and get more challenges, says Anders Hedeby Sørensen.

In total Anmasi invested in a stand of 55 square meters, so there is plenty of room to spread on. Along with Anmasis own products presents also products from Danish Steel Filter where Anmasi owns the  majority stake in.

- We exhibit both central systems, belt filters and oil separators, this creates a synergy because the customers who  is using washing system can also use filter systems, concludes Anders Hedeby Sørensen.

Besides METAV has Anmasi in the year been at the North German Nordtec exhibition, and later this year to participate in the Dutch Technishow exhibition and FormNext, which is a German exhibition centered around 3D printing. Next year so far they plan to participate in the two Danish trade shows HI and VTM.