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Noiseless ultrasonic cleaning with Silent Sonic (12.01.2015)

Unique product

We have at Anmasi A/S spent the past 18 months developing this product and have already produced the first four ultrasonic cleaners of this type. We have taken out a patent on the brand and see great potential for this model in the future. The idea for the ultrasonic cleaner came after several inquiries from customers who requested the quietest ultrasonic cleaners, while we ourselves for a long period had thought about it. Common to customers who requested this type of product was that each day worked in a small room close up of the ultrasonic cleaner most of the time.


Therefore, we have now developed Silent Sonic, an ultrasonic cleaner internally constructed of full stainless steel, but the exterior is designed in special sound-dampening materials composed of composite materials and specially developed Pure Sound insulation for high-frequency tones.


This has resulted in an ultrasonic cleaner, which is just as effective, environmentally friendly and user-friendly as similar models on the market, it is also the same time extremely quiet and has a noise level around 58 dB (a). Which is significantly lower than other production equipment and ultrasonic cleaners, which often has a noise level around 70 dB (A) and therefore makes Silent Sonic incredibly well suited for quiet environments. This has most laboratories, R&D facilities, dentists, prototype workshops etc ..


Select Silent Sonic

We recommend that you always choose Silent Sonic, if the company targeted seeks to improve the working environment throughout the organization by reducing noise pollution and improve conditions in other ways. In addition, especially if the location of the ultrasonic cleaner is in a closed and small room where there is already no noisy appliances, so that in getting a quiet working environment for your employees. If you do not already know about the noise level of an ultrasonic cleaner or similar machine are always welcome to visit our demo facilities and hear the difference.

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