Danish cleaning systems delivered worldwide (26.02.2016)

Danish cleaning systems delivered worldwide (26.02.2016)

- Taking such a valve like this and running it through a spray system, then it is cleaned on its visible surfaces. But how to get it clean in all corners, asks Anders Hedeby Sørensen rhetorically.

The answer is obvious - it is extremely difficult to clean complex parts with traditional methods, and this is precisely the reason Anmasis success. The company builds cleaning systems based on ultrasound, and last year the company started its own production of conveyor washers with ultrasound.

The finished metal parts is running into the warm water, where they are cleaned with ultrasound and five meters further down dump to clean parts of the machine.

- We always develop the conveyors to the customer on these machines. There is a tank to the inlet of 800 liters with ultrasound, so we first ultrasonic clean the partts. This suitable for complex parts with holes and gaps, and especially if you are working with oil and lubricants. If there is the oil inside the pores, one can only get it out with ultrasound. Then after we flush the parts to get the soap off, and eventually we dry them. The conveyor runs two parts every eight seconds, so we have four seconds to wash every part. We are building the cleaning systems with filtration systems to clean the water and also oil separators, explains Anders Hedeby Sørensen.
Anmasi market conveyor washers at trade shows around the northern Europe in the last few years, and the orders are not lacking.

- This plant must be sent to China in a few days. It is to a customer in the automotive industry, and it has to clean parts for gears. We supplied a cleaning system for their factory in Germany last year and was told that if it works satisfactorily, we should also deliver to their factory in China and three other factories around the world. They have 21 factories in the world with 11,000 employees, says Anders Hedeby Sørensen, who met the customer at the German METAV trade fair two years ago.

The large cleaning systems occupy a prominent place in the assembly hall at Anmasi, and the company's engineers are working to get it all done. The German customer comes to check that everything is working properly before its all packed and shipped to China.

In 2014 Anmasi delivered four similar cleaning systems with ultrasound to European customers, and this year so far, three on order.

- Last year we delivered also two that were even bigger and was cleaning a part every 0.9 seconds.