Anmasi starts 2015 with succes

New-established production creates growth

Anmasi starts 2015 with succes (25.03.2015)

The two-year old company finished 2014 with a solid turnover and a new established production in Denmark.

With a profit of 1.036 million (DKK), Anmasi came out of 2014 with a satisfying result. The young company has at the same time grown to six employees and started a new production at their headquarters in Denmark.

The newly establised production aims to create extra growth in 2015. The production will center around their new developed ultrasonic cleaner with belt, for continous cleaning of components. The new type of cleaning machine is developed for a LEAN-production, where ultrasonic cleaning is needed to gain the right result.

The new production has already been a huge succes, and Anmasi can already in week 12, 2015 note that the turnover + orders matches the total turnover of 2014.

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