Anmai develops chemical for replacing isopropanol

Environmental-friendly and safe waterbased solution

Anmasi develops chemical for replacing isopropanol for cleaning 3D-printed parts (23.04.2015)

We have cooperated with a major danish firm, in developing a product to replace isopropanol in the production of SLA-parts after 3D-printing. In the following article you can read about the results we achieved after months of cooperation using the new developed water-based cleaning chemical.


The reason we started this project, was the need for good solutions in the 3D-printing industri for cleaning parts after the manufacturing process where there was a lack of efficient, environemtan-friendly and complete solution that took into account operator/customer.


Because of this Anmasi entered a project in the Spring of 2014, with a major danish company who are using 3D-printing in there production. The problem at the company, was the use of isopropanol, which required ATEX-approved facilitites in larger amounts, and the environmental and safety perspective of using the product. Besides that they encountered problems with the cleaning process which was a bottle-neck because of the small quantities that they were able to clean at a time, using isopropanol in their limited facilities.


This led to the project which gave the company a waterbased cleaning chemical, so that they could avoid isopropanol completely, plus increase the cleaning capacity as they wished, since there was no special requirements to using the new developed chemical. This resulted in the company investing in a larger ultrasonic cleaning system with rinsing and drying, for cleaning the SLA-printed parts, using the new cleaning chemical.


The machine was delivered in December, 2014 and we expect that the market for 3D-printing will increase further, since we have already delivered several machine, and has several machines in production for cleaning of parts after 3D-printing. Where most of them is gonna be delivered using the new cleaning chemical to replace isopropanol, improve the process and give a more environmental friendly and safe worker environment.


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