Anmasi deliver large machine to Siemens Wind Power

Anmasi deliver large machine to Siemens Wind Power (28.05.2015)

Why did they need our cleaning solution

Over a period of time we have been working with smaller cleaning systems at Siemens Wind Power, for removing epoxy efficiently without using acetone. In connection to this they decided in 2014 to invest in a larger system for cleaning the large tools within the production of wings.

The reason for this was to remove acetone from the production, since its not a very friendly chemical. At the same time they could improve the cleaning process, because the workers didnt need to clean the tools, when having a automated cleaning system.


Description of the machine

The machine was of the type Maximatic, which is constructed in 100% stainless steel with a Siemens S7-1200 PLC including touchscreen. the machine is constructed with pneumatic frontdoors and can be used from both sides, because it services two departments within the production.  Both departments on one side of a wall.

Its a 2-step system with a ultrasonic cleaning tank using a epoxy-cleaner for removing the resins, and a ultrasonic rinsing section for removing the solvent after the washing procedure. The tanks has a volume of 1 m2 each and is more about 2 meters long. Which have made it one of the larger installations that Anmasi have made based on tank size. The machine was delivered to the customer without any problems, and installed by our personel.


Whats next

Besides delivering this large cleaning system, we have also delivered other smaller applications since to smaller departments, also removing epoxy within Siemens Wind Power. Since its very important for them using environmental friendly and user-safe products during the production.