Thermal deburring

Cleaning system for removing oxide-layers

Anmasi deliver large four-stage cleaning system for cleaning after thermal deburring (06.11.2015)

This autumn Anmasi A/S has deliverd a large cleaning system for hydraulic parts after thermal deburring to a danish company. The machine is completely automated and has been delivered with rollers at both in- and outlet.


The cleaning system was manufactured in only eight weeks during the summer period, and was installed at the end of august. the machine is delivered with a fully-automated handling system for moving parts with a weight of 200 kg, after the thermal deburring.

Anmasi delivered the complete solution for this customer, including filtration systems for recycling of the process fluids, oilseparators and cleaning chemicals, to ensure a harmonized and well-functioning cleaning process.

The cleaning process is in four-stages at starts with ultrasonic cleaning from the bottom, then ultrasonic cleaning from the sides before a rinsing/passivation and drying of the parts.

The cleaning system itself is delivered with in- and outlet roller-system for up to eight baskets at a time, which makes it easy for the operator to unload and load the baskets while the machine is working, picking up the baskets as soon there is free capacity inside the machine.

Everything is controleld by a Siemens SPS with 7" color-touchscreen with a complete process overview, and programming of process time, temperatures, filtration, extraction, waterfilling and chemical dosing etc.

This cleaning system is the type Maxiline and is constructed in all sizes, and is always tailored to the specific needs of the customer. There is videos and descriptions of the machine on our website.